REMINDER – December 7th Workday is on!

Just a quick reminder: our rescheduled workday at Dog Canyon is still a go for Saturday, December 7th! Bring a lunch and stay a while if you can! If you can’t stay as long as some folks may be able, that’s ok too. We hope to see you there!

What we’ll be doing: We will be working on the Forest Service segment of the Dog Canyon Trail, T-106, above Oliver Lee State Park in the Dog Canyon Area. We will mostly be repairing water damage to the trail. The Forest Service part of the trail starts about 1/4 mile above the park headquarters and extends several miles up hill from there. We would like to work as much of the trail as we can, so the plan is to work until mid-afternoon (we usually shut down around noon) for those that can spare a little extra time. Of course, anyone can quit work and leave anytime they want.  Tools will be provided.  If you can work an extended time, we suggest you bring a lunch, and as always bring plenty of drinking water, sun protection, work gloves and sturdy boots.

SPECIAL NOTE:  This trail has some almost level areas, but includes many steep and rugged segments, and in general is a challenge.  BUT, the payoff is the view!  This trail is probably the most scenic in the Sacramento Ranger District.

When/Where: Saturday, Saturday, November 16, 2013, at 9 am.  Gather in the parking area, Oliver Lee State Park; directions below.  Work until mid-afternoon if you can … stop anytime you need to.

DIRECTIONS TO OLIVER LEE STATE PARK: At the intersection of US70 and US54 on the south side of Alamogordo (just west of the overpass), drive south about 8.7 miles on US54 and turn toward the mountains on the road indicated by the sign to the Park.  Travel about 4 miles to the Park headquarters.  Drop your passengers off in the parking area, but park your car just outside the gate to the parking area. Ignore the self-service fee station.

If you need any additional information, please call 575-434-1949 and ask for Grady or e-mail