More About Bonnie

Bonnie Brooks

Professor, Philanthropist, Musician

By Lynn Melton

Bonnie Brooks was a professor of psychology at UTEP,  an accomplished pianist, an active participant in Cloudcroft, a lover of nature’s beauty, and a strong supporter of the New Mexico Rails-to Trails Association (NMRTA).

Bonnie  – with love and foresight – wrote in her will that this property – railbed, trestle, and cabin – should pass to NMRTA upon her death. 

We lost Bonnie March 4, 2020, but her love and presence are still with us as visitors such as you come here and enjoy the beauty and history she helped to preserve.

Look for a large flat, rock near the trestle. It was Bonnie’s “wishing rock” where one might sit and cast a wish into the pines. 

Try it, perhaps this will be your day!