Shortcut to the Trestle Weekend Schedule!!!

A few folks have asked me, “Why aren’t the shortcut to the trestle dates and hours posted on the NMRTA website?” Well, the short answer is that I wasn’t thinking, t forgot and should have done this a long time ago.

SO, here are the remaining Shortcut to the Mexican Canyon Trestle weekends! The hours the gate will be open are 9am till sometime after 4pm (generally dusk on Saturdays and around 4pm on Sundays).

August 23-24

Sep 6-7

Sep 13-14

And that’s it! We’ll be closing the cabin and shortcut down for the winter. We certainly expect it to be open again next summer and every summer thereafter! Please stop by, say hi, enjoy the view, and cut about 15 minutes off the hike to the Mexican Canyon Trestle (and it’s a much EASIER hike with the shortcut as well!)