We had a great time on Saturday working the Road Canyon Trail (T-234). As previously planned, we all met up at the Tunnel Stop in High Rolls to carpool another 18 or so miles to the trail head. We had 17 folks show up and the Tunnel Stop was incredibly gracious to let us leave a handful of vehicles parked in their lot for half the day!

April 2013 NMRTA workday safety briefing

Receiving our safety briefing and plan of attack

April 2013 NMRTA workday

Heading out!

Once we got up West Side Road to the trail (one of our NMRTA veterans, by the way, pointed out that the West Side Road was in the best condition he’d ever seen!), we had our safety briefing and split into a few groups. One small group had a 1/2 mile hike carrying a big sign post to install a trail junction sign, another group policed the trail for eye-poking and clothes-grabbing branches and trimmed those up and the final group simply hiked the trail, widened and cleaned it up where needed and removed some pesky stumps from the middle of the trail.

The weather was great and as always, we appreciate all the help we got from the Holloman AFB folks! Another workday success!

April 2013 NMRTA Road Canyon Trail Sign

Another successful trail junction sign installation