Workday – June 15th!

What we’ll be doing: Brush trimming, tread work, water bars and similar maintenance on parts of the Rim Trail. The Rim Trail runs from Cloudcroft to Sunspot – we haven’t worked this trail in a long time. This area is at a high altitude so it shouldn’t be too terribly hot. Be sure and bring drinking water, sun protection, work gloves and sturdy boots. All tools will be provided. There’s work for all skill levels.

When/Where: Saturday, June 15th 2013. Meet at 9am at the Sacramento District Ranger Office. We plan to work until noon.

Directions to the Sacramento District Ranger Office: Enter Cloudcroft from Alamogordo on Highway 82 and take an immediate right (head South) onto NM130. Travel about one mile and the Ranger Station will be on the right. We’ll gather up in the parking lot.

If you need any additional information, please call 575-434-1949 (ask for Grady) or e-mail