Another successful work day down! We had 14 volunteers show up to the Grand View Trail ready and willing to get some needed maintenance crossed off our list.

Luckily, the good ol’ government shutdown ended just days before the work day so the Forest Service was back open for business and were able to supply tools and their monthly volunteer.

We did a temporary fix on a sinkhole located some 200 feet or so down hill from the wooden culvert we replaced last February. Our fix and fill ensured that the tread is safe, but probing indicates that a good sized cavity may still exist underneath. We’ll probably need to get some motorized digging equipment out there in the future to investigate further.

We corrected a maverick drainage situation that had developed during last summer’s heavy rains at the culvert we replaced last February. The drain now feeds into the culvert as planned.

We filled in about 20 feet of a large ditch that was washing away part of the railroad bed and built a major water bar to protect the bed from future damage. A lot of rocks and dirt had to be moved to get this repair done and required the effort of the entire work crew for a major part of the work time. It was a big accomplishment!

A small water bar was built at the top end of the “cut” located on the upper end of the Grand View Trail. There may be some additional attention required in the future to a few other water damaged locations.

Finally, on our way out, we repaired a rock step near the start (or end depending on which direction you’re heading) of the trail.

Getting ready to head up the trail

There was quite a bit of work to be done and our volunteers did a GREAT job! Thanks to all of them again and we hope to see you next month!

Horses on the Grandview Trail

We had a small welcoming committee greet us on the trail

Hauling rocks!

No time to admire the view!

For more great photos of the day, please check out our official Flickr page!