Work Day – April 18th!

What we’ll be doing

This next April work day, we’ll be continuing the work we’ve been doing over the last few of months at the mouth of Labrocita Canyon just above La Luz. This will likely be the LAST work day at the La Luz Canyon site until the fall due to the rising temperatures that far down the mountain (we like to stay at least a little cool on our scheduled volunteer work days!).

To recap: the original rail bed runs through two private properties (we have easements in place with the owners of the land, so we’re all legal for public access) and we’ll be taking on the task of transforming the original rail bed into a usable hiking trail where needed. We’ll be working the same piece of property we worked the last three months and we’ll likely be continuing preliminary work on a private piece of property further up trail (for which we also have a legal easement in place). This month the excavator work will be done BEFORE the official work day.

The upcoming May work day will be up further in the mountains. There’s more to come on that of course, but it’s looking like we’ll be just outside of Cloudcroft.

When/Where: Saturday, March 21st, 2015. Meet at 9am and we’ll work until noon.

Directions to the La Luz Creek area where we’ll start from the main intersection in La Luz (click this link for a Google map)

Driving Directions

Drive to the center of La Luz (the three-way intersection of La Luz Road/Main Street and Alamo Street) and then do EITHER of the following:

– Drive south about 50 feet and turn east on to Section Road.
– Travel east on Section Road 1.1 miles to just before you cross La Luz Creek…  YOU ARE THERE! Park along the side of the road.


– Drive north on Main Street (leave La Luz) about 1.9 miles and turn east onto Labrocita Canyon Road.
– Travel 1.4 miles up Labrocita Cayon Road to the cut off that crosses La Luz Creek (south side of the road).
– Cross the creek…  YOU ARE THERE! Park along the side of the road.


If you need any additional information, please call 575-434-1949 (ask for Grady) or e-mail