We had a PHENOMENAL work day last Saturday! We ended up with 24 volunteers (including two Forest Service representatives) so we got a lot accomplished!

  • We worked on the Clarke private property (through which we have a legal easement in place for public access) down at the mouth of Laborcita Canyon outside La Luz.
  • We filled most (not all) of the holes caused by the old water line failures.
  • Cleaned rocks and weeds from most of the rail bed (though there’s more to do).
  • We worked on most of the old wood culverts — cleaning out the input sides — we have more to do with those.
  • MAJOR IMPROVEMENT: We routed the rail bed around one of the more dangerous spots near the end of the property.


  • More tree and culvert prep (amongst other various tasks)
  • The entire south side of the rail bed needs to be ditched for erosion control
  • Other moderately dangerous area (more holes) will need some serious work

Thanks everyone for coming out!


Jan 2014 volunteer trail workday - Culvert work

Culvert work


Jan 2015 volunteer work day - cleaning up the rail bed

Cleaning up the rail bed!


Jan 2015 volunteer work day - rail bed tread work

Tread work

As always, we’ve got many more photos! Check them out on our official Flickr page!


Eighteen hard-working volunteers showed up to work on the Grand View Rail Trail today. Some worked on repairing the roof on the shelter and others went to the upper trailhead and improved the trail.