Work Day – November 21st!

What we’ll be doing

We’re going to be continuing work started earlier this year at the mouth of Labrocita Canyon just northeast of La Luz.

  • There’s been heavy grass growth almost everywhere we worked last spring. This growth is obstructing water flow and foot traffic in many places and needs to be cleared out.
  • Some of our water-bars need to be reworked.
  • There are a few places where water has washed out our containment dikes and is damaging the trail again. We’ll focus some effort on repairing these areas.

When/Where: Saturday, November 21st, 2015. Meet at 9am and we’ll work until noon.

Again, we will have shirts and caps with the NEW NM Rails-to-Trails Association logo on sale when we gather up!

Directions to the La Luz Creek area where we’ll start from the main intersection in La Luz (click this link for a Google map)

Driving Directions

Drive to the center of La Luz (the three-way intersection of La Luz Road/Main Street and Alamo Street) and then do EITHER of the following:

– Drive south about 50 feet and turn east on to Section Road.
– Travel east on Section Road 1.1 miles to just before you cross La Luz Creek…  YOU ARE THERE! Park along the side of the road.


– Drive north on Main Street (leave La Luz) about 1.9 miles and turn east onto Labrocita Canyon Road.
– Travel 1.4 miles up Labrocita Cayon Road to the cut off that crosses La Luz Creek (south side of the road).
– Cross the creek…  YOU ARE THERE! Park along the side of the road.


If you need any additional information, please call 575-434-1949 (ask for Grady) or e-mail


We had a PHENOMENAL work day last Saturday! We ended up with 24 volunteers (including two Forest Service representatives) so we got a lot accomplished!

  • We worked on the Clarke private property (through which we have a legal easement in place for public access) down at the mouth of Laborcita Canyon outside La Luz.
  • We filled most (not all) of the holes caused by the old water line failures.
  • Cleaned rocks and weeds from most of the rail bed (though there’s more to do).
  • We worked on most of the old wood culverts — cleaning out the input sides — we have more to do with those.
  • MAJOR IMPROVEMENT: We routed the rail bed around one of the more dangerous spots near the end of the property.


  • More tree and culvert prep (amongst other various tasks)
  • The entire south side of the rail bed needs to be ditched for erosion control
  • Other moderately dangerous area (more holes) will need some serious work

Thanks everyone for coming out!


Jan 2014 volunteer trail workday - Culvert work

Culvert work


Jan 2015 volunteer work day - cleaning up the rail bed

Cleaning up the rail bed!


Jan 2015 volunteer work day - rail bed tread work

Tread work

As always, we’ve got many more photos! Check them out on our official Flickr page!